What Parents Are Saying About 'The Lego Movie'

"The Lego Movie" opened to $69 million and acclaim from kid viewers and their accompanying parents!

A screen grab from the official trailer for "The Lego Movie."
A screen grab from the official trailer for "The Lego Movie."
"The Lego Movie" opened in theaters this weekend. 
Owsley February 10, 2014 at 02:48 PM
I laughed! I cried! It was better then Cats!
Nero Goth February 10, 2014 at 04:02 PM
@Lynn/Vera et al Children movie: Intended audience between 3-9 Kids movie: Intended audience between 10-15 Teen Movie: Intended Audience 16-19 Seemingly in this day and age there has been a total disregard for the young people audience breakdown, and instead to clump them together as 'kids' with 'as mature dialogue as I (adult) would use' (aka TEENS) to be the standard for anything not 'Adult'. Disney barely plays back to Children and Kids 'of all ages' (note the keywords here) but instead also plays to this new 'Kids' standard (really does my 9 year old daughter need to see Hannah Montana worry about dating boys for the Prom?). Your comments further seem to have forgotten the intended audience, CHILDREN, not Teens, not Young Adults nor 'Kids' (what often rebranded as the Tweens). This is not "idiocy" of people, this is just being silly as a 6 year old is. It seems so many seem to have forgotten or missed the whole 3yr old to 12yr old years and speak to the 'children' as though they were just Adults with all the expected same 'mature level' thought, discussional points, vocabulary and goals as a Adult. I think you all need to really take a trip back to DisneyLand/World and really think about the whole purpose Walt and others tried to bring to people. Look at it with happy eyes, a sense of humor, and just think back to when you were a child wide eyed and innocent, and leave the 'world' outside the gates of the Happiest Place on Earth.. in this case, outside of the lobby of the theater and take a hour or two to just be silly.
Matt Smith February 10, 2014 at 05:37 PM
My son and I really enjoyed this film, I thought it was great! For those of you that did not like the movie, remember, this is for kids, not you! This movie was far better than the garbage that Nick and Disney are showing. How about getting down on the floor and actually playing with you kids, their way! Otherwise, turn your TV to iCarly or Kickin' It and let their minds melt. Thankfully, there seems to be more parents who get it and enjoyed it than those that do not.
Michael S. February 12, 2014 at 12:13 AM
LYNN, If I give you a straw, would you go suck the fun out of someone else's day? Seems like you are the only one here who doesn't like the movie. And if it seems like it is written by a six year old, look at the child who is telling the story in the movie. Again children do not think rationally like adults because their mind hasn't been polluted with laws, theories, and garbage. Let children be children and quit expecting them to grow up so fast. there is plenty of time to be an adult, but you only get so many years to enjoy childhood.
Charles d'Blanc February 19, 2014 at 03:39 PM
Actually the movie is better afterward when you think about it. It's about a child's imagination and in that light, the movie's details are rather complex. As my wife and I were leaving, I overheard a guy say, "I never thought I'd almost cry at a Lego movie." (I didn't get into it until the humans showed up at the end.)


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