According to Study, Tewksbury Residents Are Stingy Givers

When it comes to philanthropy, Tewksbury residents give to charitable causes less than the state and country averages, and less then residents of other Middlesex County communities, according to a study conducted by "The Chronicle of Philanthropy."

When it comes to philanthropy, Tewksbury residents give to charity less than the state and country averages, according to a study released this week.

They also give less than most of the residents in other Middlesex County communities.

"The Chronicle of Philanthropy" published their "How America Gives" study which reported that Tewksbury residents, with a median discretionary income of $55,267, gave a median contribution of $1,216 of their income to charity in 2008—the tax year when the data was gathered. 

Meanwhile, the state and country's median contribution was 2.8 percent and 4.7 percent, respectively, compared to Tewksbury's 2.2 percent. Tewksburians contributed a total of $9.3 million, according to the study.

Here's a complete breakdown of the data compiled during the study:



Contribution Median Discretionary
Income  Percent of      
Income Given Ranking Arlington $11.5 million $1,721 $59,651 2.9%    3,337 of
28,725 Lynnfield $8.2 million $1,981 $74,778 2.6% 4,855 of
28,725 Malden $8.5 million $1,277 $40,126 3.2% 4,719 of
28,725 Medford $13.7 million $1,398 $48,929 2.9% 2,792 of
28,725 Melrose $11.2 million $1,698 $63,540 2.7% 3,591 of
28,725 North Reading $6.8 million $1,616 $68,364 2.4% 5,650 of
28,725 Reading $12.9 million $1,767 $70,083 2.5% 3,038 of
28,725  Somerville $11.4 million $1,267 $44,003 2.9% 1,988 of
11,522 Stoneham $7.4 million $1,419 $55,570 2.6% 5,326 of
28,725  Tewksbury $9.3 million $1,216 $56,267 2.2% 4,404 of
28,725  Wakefield $9.6 million $1,485 $60,222 2.5% 4,211 of
28,725  Wilmington $7.3 million $1,363 $61,052 2.2% 5,392 of
28,725  Winchester $29.9 million $4,350 $140,438 3.1% 708 of
28,725  Boston-Cambridge-Quincy Metro Area $2.5 billion $1,719 $60,312 2.8% 10 of 366 Massachusetts $3.1 billion $1,652 $58,099 2.8% 14 of 51 United States $135.8 billion $2,564 $54,783 4.7%

Detailed data is searchable by zip code.

What do you make of the study? Do you give to charities on a regular basis? Let us know by posting a comment in the comments section below.

BM August 22, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Charity starts at home in this case , mine ! Probably because we have been bled to death with fees and taxes in this town ! Worst charity to give to is United Way . Very high pressure sales pitch to give to their organization . I gave once and will never do it again .
Janellen27 August 23, 2012 at 01:33 AM
That data is from 2008, but that is the year that all this major trouble w/the economy really hit. Chances are we're not as generous today as we were in 2008! My understanding has been the The United Way is the best charity to give to because they supply other charities, and all.
Bill. S August 23, 2012 at 02:56 AM
cant imagine why "we" did not do as good as winchester. maybe its that thing about $140,000 median income
mike t August 23, 2012 at 10:32 AM
Yeah, we are giving charity in the form of a so called "connection fee". Shouldn't this be considered charity? Oh wait, this is going to a "for profit organization"........
Dave August 23, 2012 at 09:40 PM
We all give to the townie unfunded pension plan yearly..now who you calling stingy! and they're getting the chapter 90 funding as well! and the water enterprise fund too! How much do those folks give?


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