Gathering a Little Extra Change for the Food Pantry

The Natural Food Exchange on Main Street has begun a special donation jar for the Reading Food Pantry.

Valerie Mata and Hal Vincent from the Natural Food Exchange on Main Street want to give people a chance to be generous with their change. 

A Gathering Change, Inc. bowl will be out to collect money for the Reading Food Pantry. The jar sits on the health food store's counter for customer's to throw in any extra coins or bills they can spare. 

Gathering Change, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization which raises money for neighborhood social programs and food pantries.

Gathering Change, Inc. would like to know: What inspires you to get involved in your community? Write Judy Bousquin at: jbousquin@gatheringchangeinc.org

For more information see GCI's website at www.gatheringchangeinc.org

Thank you Natural Food Exchange.


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