Gift Ideas For Him

Some gift ideas for the man in your life.

Have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Need to buy a gift for the man in your life? Here are some ideas, combine them all or just pick a couple for a great gift:

1. New car stereo. Pick up a new car stereo for as low as $99 at . They have different stereos that range in price, but the Sony CDX-GT250 is priced at $99.99. The stereo features AM/FM radio, CD, MP3, 52 Watts X 4, 4 way fader, line outs, detachable face and more. 

2. Play It Again. If he likes sports, get him a gift certificate to . He can pick up new golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, baseball equipment or anything else he needs to get ready for spring and summer sports. This store has both new and used equipment and a huge variety. 

3. Video games. If he loves video games, then shop at for a used system or controller. They have several game systems in stock including Playstation $20, Xbox $25, Wii $110 and old school systems like Nintendo and Sega. The controllers range in price, but most are under $20.

4. His favorite beer. Pressed for time? Stop by and pick up his favorite beer. It's a quick and simple gift that he will love.

5. Red Sox Peanut Butter Cup. Stop by the and pick up a giant peanut butter bup stamped with the Boston Red Sox "B." He will love the taste, and that it is sports related.

Erin Calvo-Bacci March 29, 2012 at 06:21 PM
The Boston Peanut Butter Cup is also in the Red Sox Raffle Basket to benefit Sanborn- Place, Home Care & Day. Tickets are available for purchase at The Hitching Post and The Chocolate Truffle and at Sanborn Place.
Erin Calvo-Bacci March 31, 2012 at 11:51 AM
A delivery of these were just made to Brissonte gifts in North Reading.


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