More Than Flowers at Boston Flower Market

Stop by the Boston Flower Market for flowers, potted plants, vases, furniture and other accessories.

From the outside of , you cannot tell what is waiting for you when you step through the front door. 

The market is full of flowers, potted and hanging plants, floral arrangements, topiaries, statues, antique goods, furniture, accessories, garden decor and more. There is also a large array of flowers and plants located behind the building. Whatever kind of flower you are looking for, chances are they have it.   

They are a full service garden center and florist, but also have a variety of furniture and antique goods. From chandeliers to dressers and other furniture, they have a wide selection of unique items for the home and garden.

The store has been on Main Street since since it opened in 1995, according to General Manager John Gillis. He has worked for the market for 16 years. Their clientele is from North Reading and surrounding towns, and they have a lot of repeat customers, Gillis said.

They have provided flowers for events, parties and weddings. They also deliver, for a fee. 

The flowers range in price. You can find perennials for $4.99 or three for $12 or pansies, four for $3.99 or three for $10. A six-inch potted lily is $7.99, but orchids are closer to $20. A bouquet of flowers could be $15 or $40, depending on the size. 

When asked what his favorite part of working there is, he said, "Seasons change. It's not the same thing everyday."

During Christmas season, they have "more Christmas trees than anyone around here," he said.

In fact, they have special arrangements and accessories for every holiday. Whether it is Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or any other holiday you celebrate, the Boston Flower Market will have something unique for the special day. Shop there for your mom this Mother's Day.

The market is open seven days a week. If you don't have time to stop by, phone in your order. Flip through the photos attached to this post to take a closer look at some of the flowers and furniture they have in stock.


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