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USPS and the Wishing Well Gift Shop had North Reading talking.

Here at North Reading Patch, social media is a big deal. It's how we interact with you, answer your questions and get to see what's on your mind. Social Media Saturday is a weekly feature where we highlight your questions and thoughts you've shared on Facebook and other media throughout the past week. We'll also point you to some new and interesting pages you may not have known about before.


Here is a sampling of comments and happenings on our Facebook page and the social media world from the past week:

  • When we asked what you thought about the possibility of the , Peter Gorman said, "With the increase of email and texting over the years, as well as an increase in business to FedEx and UPS, it's no surprise that the USPS is hurting. As for what should be done with the empty facility... I say turn it into a new North Reading , complete with an auditorium for Town Meetings. Just don't sell the space out to more stores... we just don't need that.
  • When we asked who you would nominate as person of the year, Lindsay Barnes-Felix said, "A local mom who is the most selfless, energetic, kind, caring, supportive, involved woman in town... Deb Luciano! Whether it's a sport, her preschool students, a neighbor, a friend, a school, a complete stranger... anything and everything in our community... she is right there!" Annette Burns-Latsha said, "My son who returned from Iraq ,may they all come home soon!"
  • When we asked what you though about , Terri Borden Vontzalides said, "Had a blast!! Always a great time."

Facebook Page of the Week

The  had a more active Facebook page this week. Like them on Facebook and receive a free Yankee Candle votive the next time you shop there.


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