West, Ensminger Elected to Board of Selectmen

The library project passed Tuesday.

Reading residents voted in the local election Tuesday, but the turnout was lower than expected. Of 17,594 registered voters, only 3,207 or 18.2 percent voted Tuesday.

Marsie West and Daniel Ensminger were both elected to the Board of Selectmen and Question 1, regarding the library project, passed.

Take a look at the unofficial results:

Office Elected Total Votes BOARD OF SELECTMEN
Marsie K. West Yes 1,699 Mark W. Jackson No 861 Daniel A. Ensminger Yes 1,865 BOARD OF LIBRARY TRUSTEES
Richard Curtis Yes 1,532 Cherrie Dubois Yes 1,647 Elizabeth Shurland No 1,230



Alan Foulds Yes 2,308


Phillip Pacino (Three years) Yes 1,480 John Stempeck Jr. (Two years) Yes 1,867 David Mancuso No 1,318 David A. Talbot (Three years) Yes 1,530


Harold Croft Yes 1,993 Charles Robinson Yes


Results for the Board of Assessors will be published as soon as they are available.

New selectman Daniel Ensminger said, "I'm very grateful to the voters for giving me another spot on the board after all these years."

Ensminger is looking forward to working with the new town manager, Marsie West and the rest of the board. He believes they should "maintain what is good and improve what needs improving."

He would like to see the town improve the street repair program and maintain a "great working relationship with the school committee," he said.

"Reading has always had a great school system, we need to maintain that," he told Patch Tuesday night.

Question 1 Passed

Residents were also asked to vote on this question regarding the library project:

Shall the Town of Reading be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds issued in order to renovate and expand the Reading Public Library?

The library will be renovated and expanded; 2,096 residents voted "yes" and 1,074 voted "no" on this question.

Ensminger said he understands that this may be a burden on some senior residents, but he was glad to see it pass and believes that it would have cost more money in the long run had it not passed.

Town Meeting Members

Precinct 1

Name Elected Total Number of Votes William R Grace Yes 309 Steven L Perry Yes 318 Janet M Triglione Yes 309

Precinct 2

Name Elected Total Number of Votes Howard D Cohen Yes 196 Denise M Iozzo Yes 219 Denise M Benard Yes 195

Precinct 3

Name Elected Total Number of Votes Jane M Fiore Yes 206 Rachelle A Garcia Yes 178 John H Russell Yes 182 Margaret W Russell Yes 177

Precinct 4

Name Elected Total Number of Votes Barry C Berman Yes 175 Richard H Coco Yes 147 Robert M Connors Yes 194 Glen M Hartzler  Yes 156 Arthur T Hayden No 141 James T Maughan Yes 163 John F O'Neill
Yes 179 Karen A Richard Yes 183 Charlene S Bazarian No 126 Amy E Maccalous Hennessy Yes 190 Demetra Tseckares No  145

Precinct 5

Name Elected Total Number of Votes Donnan S Barnes Yes 255 Robert J Ferrari Yes 223 Bo S Garrison Yes 222 Laurence F Hayes Jr Yes 228 Daniel W Knowles Yes 242 Philip Rushworth Yes 232 Kevin Walsh Yes 225

Precinct 6 did not have any candidates. Please check in with us for write in results when they become available.

Precinct 7 

Name Elected Total Number of Votes Brandon P Chapman Yes 268 Martin J Foodman Yes 262 John A Lippitt Yes 260 Gary D Phillips  Yes 238 Jefferey W Struble Yes 279 Bryan EJ Walsh Yes 263 Marcel A Dubois Yes 244 Denise D Wyer Yes 281

Precinct 8

Name Elected Number of Votes L Scott Davarich Yes 209 Olive B Hecht Yes 215 William J Hecht Sr Yes 217 Stephen W Herrick  Yes 227 Kevin M Sexton Yes 219
Dave Miskinis April 03, 2013 at 04:54 PM
Low voter turnout for local elections supports the fact that 1) most people cannot be bothered to go to the polls to take a stand on an issue (library), that at the end of the day, is going to cost them, say, $50 to $150 a year for ten years. 2) most people cannot be bothered to go to the polls to determine who is going to be elected to the local BOS, library, utility or school committee. Except for those of you who obsess over town politics, these things really do not impact our day-to-day lives all that much. THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE SUCH LOW TURNOUT FOR THESE LOCAL ELECTIONS - THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN BY NOT VOTING. If you want something to complain about, focus on the corrupt state-level politics and politicians. That's where we are all getting hammered.
Readingcares April 03, 2013 at 08:03 PM
Dave, You couldn't be more correct by saying that the people have spoken by not voting. Well I did and I do not obsess over town politics, I disagree spending 15 excessive million dollars on library renovations. I'm happy for you that you are not impacted or bothered by a $50-$150 a year tax increase for one town project, I am. And please, don't just focus on corrupt state level politics and politicians, thats a known fact. We are getting hammered by all walks of life in this country and it is impacting my day-to-day life.
Geo April 03, 2013 at 08:12 PM
Agree with you " Readingcares". If you dont vote, then you take what is given to you with no say!! $15 million to renovate is absurd!! Will anyone be there representing the town to try and reduce that project to something respectable? I really hope so.....
Richard Davidson April 04, 2013 at 01:47 AM
Congratulation to Dan E. Outstanding choice!!!
Dave Miskinis April 04, 2013 at 11:24 AM
Readingcares....Are we actually spending $15M or is the state granting a big chunk of that? Also, mark my words - this will cost well more than $15M....so strap in. Accept the fact that most voters did not or do not care enough about this to take the time to vote. It happens everywhere. The developers, architects and contractors simply wait for the voters to vote "yes" and then the price starts going up and up and up and once it is started, there is nothing voters can do. It happens all the time. My estimate is that the town will spend between $20-$22 million on this.


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