Investigation on Bullet Found in NRHS Locker Room Concluded

The bullet that was found Monday morning had fallen out of a student's bag.

After a day of investigating, police were able to determine where the bullet found at North Reading High School came from. According to North Reading Police, in conjunction with school officials they were able to identify the student who brought the bullet into the school and investigators believe that he put it into his gym bag after picking it up at a shooting range.

A custodian reported to school officials that he found a bullet in the boys' locker room at North Reading High School Monday morning around 11:20 a.m. According to Principal Jon Bernard, students were asked to stay in their classrooms while police searched the building.

The search did not turn up anything further, Bernard said.

According to police, working with school officials they were able to identify the student who brought the bullet into the school. Police believe that the student put the bullet into his bag after picking it up at a target shooting range. The bullet then fell out of the students bag in the locker room, police said.

Both police and school officials do not think that the incident posed a threat to any of the students or the faculty at the school, police said.  

"I don’t think it was an intentional threat," Bernard said.

The school was operating on a normal schedule Tuesday.

"Today, honestly, was like any other day, which was a good thing," Bernard told Patch Tuesday.

"I wish also to inform you that the discipline code for students that governs North Reading High School has been strictly enforced with respect to this matter," Bernard said.


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